Tea Tree and Citrus

Created using a gentle formula of tea tree and citrus. Green ingredients for a green future. We've used targeted ingredients to ensure our products are hypoallergenic, safe for contact lens wearers and gentle enough for everyday use.

Not tested on animals

Our products are not tested on animals. This means none of your furry friends have been harmed in the careful crafting of Chrissanthie Cosmetics.

Non-toxic Cosmetics

Created by well known ophthalmologist - Dr. Chrissie and Pharmacist - Christine Diest. We take pride in using ingredients that are clean, vegan, free from parabens and other toxins.

Chrissanthie Eye Cleanse Range

A Trio of Eye Care Products

A non-toxic, vegan, paraben free trio for bright, healthy, beautiful eyes! Clean your eyelids and face with the cleanser foam and gel, and rinse for a clean feel and look.

The gel and foam Sanitise the eyelids and lashes from bacteria and mites and remove make up and allergens from your eye area!  The cleansers (foam and gel) and serum reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. The eye cream reduces signs of premature aging and offers sun protection.


Trusted by ophthalmologists, optometrists and beauty aestheticians worldwide

"I bought this at the recommendation of my aesthetician who did my lash extensions. I absolutely love it! Cleans beautifully."

Melanin Q.

"I had an eye infection from eyelash extensions and this along with steroid cream cleared it right up. Now I use this three times a week and love it.."

Barbra B.

"Absolutely love this cleanser! My eye doctor recommended an eyelash cleanser for my dry eyes and allergies and this works great. The tea tree also helps with puffiness."

Nyima J.