Lash Artists, you've no doubt either seen pics of really mucky, infected lash extensions, or worse! you've had a client come for an in-fill with a horrid crusty build-up along the lashline, clumping the lashes together!   Top 10 Reasons why Lash Hygiene is so important!
  • prevent a build-up of skin cells, secretions and make-up
  • strong and healthy natural lashes support your lash extensions better
  • pre-cleansing with a good lash cleanser hugely improves the retention of lash extensions
  • clean and bacteria-free lash follicles mean your in-fills will be a breeze
  • reduce the risk of blepharitisbacterial infections and demodex lash mites
  • your Lash Artist will love you
How will you know if your client has Blepharitis? Unfortunately, Blepharitis is very common among people who wear eyelash extensions. It's almost always because the lashline and eyelids are not cleaned thoroughly every day, with a prentative eyelid and lash cleanser, scientifically designed for the eye area. Common symptoms of Blepharitis to watch for:
  • dryness and scratchy feeling
  • irritation and redness of the eyelids
  • crusty deposits in the lashline on waking up
  • itching along the lashline and follicles
Do you MIX YOUR OWN lash cleanser for clients? Creators of Chrissanthie & eye cleanse™ Ophthalmologist @Dr Chrissie Cockinos and Pharmacist Christine Deist advise:
  • Always be concerned for your clients' eye health before lash extension health.
  • Mixing ingredients without knowledge of ingredient reactions, means you could cause serious damage to the delicate eye tissue.
  • How will you determine shelf-life?
  • How will you know what breeds in the mixture if exposed to air or high temperatures?
  • You also have no idea if the ingredients you mix will affect the adhesive in your lash glue, or the lash extensions themselves.
Here's what we tell lash artsists who ask if they can dilute Chrissanthie Gel Lash Cleanser for clients:
  • You put your clients' eye health at risk
  • You will be diluting the active ingredients
  • You render the active ingredients & preservatives ineffective
  • You open the product up to contamination and bacteria
  • You could open yourself up to a lawsuit due to infection
  • Home-brew products are illegal in most countries
Is Baby Shampoo effective? Whilst they are gentle and probably safe for the eye area, remember that essentially, baby shampoos are designed for scalp hair and follicles. Most brands are made to moisturise and detangle babies' hair. So this could inadvertantly be shortening the retention time, and cause loosening and loss of the lash extensions. Trust Chrissanthie - the science-based Lash Cleansers
  • Proper lid hygiene is critical! BUT use a safe and appropriate antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergenic product with tea tree
  • The ONLY science-based eyelid and lash cleanser with tea tree designed and formulated by an Ophthalmologist
  • Lash Masters use Chrissanthie to cleanse pre-application - no primer needed.
  • Used and recommended by Lash Experts worldwide as an effective aftercare lash cleanser & makeup remover.
  • Will NOT break down adhesives and bond in lash glue.
  • Lash Artisit worldwide report hugely improved retention and longer wear.
What also differentiates Chrissanthie is that the concentration of tea tree is correctly balanced to offer safe, effective cleansing, while also eradicating the bacteria! what-is-blepharitis-blogwhat-is-blepharitis-blog Let-talk-hygiene-mitesLet-talk-hygiene-mite