Here in South Africa there has been a marked increase in the awareness around Blepharitis and we are so incredibly pleased that in both the Beauty, as well as the Healthcare sectors, people are taking this disease, and the management thereof, very seriously. I want to share some facts with you all. In very broad terms, a definition:
Blepharitis refers to a family of inflammatory disease processes of the eyelid(s) and involves infection of eyelids, glands and lash follicles
  • There are different forms and causes of Blepharitis
  • Bacterial (Staphylococcus)
  • Seborrhoeic (Dandruff)
  • Allergic (Chemicals)
  • Mites (Demodex)
Probably the most common form of Blepharitis is Demodex mite infestation (combination of bacteria and mite), due to poor lid hygiene and here are some really insightful statistics:
  • Prevalent in 30-50% of all children and adults
  • Prevalent in 84% of people over 60 years of age and in 100% older than 70 years of age
  • References: Dadaci Z et al Eye (2015), Lindstrom R et al Blepharitis – Update on Research and Management (2010) and Liu J et al Curr Opin Allerg Clin Immunol (2010)
Proper lid hygiene is critical, BUT use the appropriate antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic product with tea tree Chrissanthie, the ideal product. The ONLY eyelid cleanser to be designed and formulated by an Ophthalmologist! What also differentiates Chrissanthie is that the concentration of tea tree is correctly balanced to offer safe, effective cleansing, while also eradicating the bacteria! Focussing-on-Blepharitis So, happy cleansing, and I look forward to engaging with you in November. Tim Borland Managing Director Chrissanthie Cosmetics